Board of Directors and Chief Executive

Mr. Mohammad Ajmal Malik – Chairman BoD
Mr. Malik is a qualified Photogrammetric Engineer from Delft University, Netherlands and is also a Member of American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. He has an extensive development experience in Pakistan and abroad. He specialised in analysing and evaluating the development policies.

Ms. Shehnaz Farooq – Member BoD
Shahnaz Farooq has an extensive experience of working with international organizations on health and education for more than two decades. She has been associated with almost all private sector schools for the promotion of quality education in Islamabad/KPK region and is presently working with the Aga Khan University Examination Board. She works extensively for improving the quality of education in Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Ramzan – Member BoD
Dr Ramzan holds a D. Phil from Oxford University, UK. A very experienced and prominent social scientist, he has been a member of Agricultural Prices Commission, Islamabad and has worked, inter alia, as a FAO consultant for writing a training manual on Saline water in Asia and Pacific. His contribution to policy making and direction-setting aspects of CHIP’s management is invaluable.

Mr. Mian Mohammad Naeem Bashir – Member BoD
Mian Mohammad Naeem Bashir specializes in establishing and managing wood and chemical industries. He has an experience of working in Africa on a wide range of industries. Presently he manages a ply wood factory in Jhelum. He has been supporting a wide range of welfare and charity related initiatives throughout Pakistan. Mr. Bashir is especially interested in the promotion of technical skills among the youth.

Mr. Iftikhar Javed – Member BoD
Mr Iftikhar Javed, a qualified finance professional and is a fellow of the ICMAP since 1985. He has held several senior managerial positions in multinational organizations in Pakistan and abroad for over three decades. CHIP benefits tremendously from his financial skills. He has a specialised experience of working in pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors.

Ms. Kaisra Jabeen Butt – Member BoD
An experienced and dedicated academician, Ms. Butt holds an honours degree in English and Geography from Nairobi University and over four decades of educational/ administration experience in East Africa and Pakistan. She serves on the executive committees of a number of social welfare organizations in Islamabad. Her prime interest lies in quality of education.

Ms. Kulsum Abbasi – Member BoD

Kulsum Abbasi has graduated in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences.  Her interests lie in social entrepreneurship and community development with a focus on adaptive leadership and iterative approaches.  She has experience in translation from Urdu to English, policy analysis and strategic planning, and can lend her expertise towards preparing feasibility policies.

Ms. Lubna Hashmat – Chief Executive
Lubna Hashmat specialises in research, institutional development and programmes management. She has done her Masters in Development Administration from Australian National University and another Masters in Anthropology from Quaid-e-Azam University Pakistan. She is committed to develop Pakistan by its local people and through mobilising local resources and self help measures.