FDIā€™s Female Vaccinator Programme-A Step towards Bridging the Gender Gap in COVID Vaccination

(Ms. Zunash Abbasi, SBC Specialist, FDI)

How FDIā€™ website became an information gateway for thousands of information seekers

(Mr. Usman Amjad, Website Developer, FDI)

A Memoir of a Successful World Immunization Week, 2023 Pakistan

(Ms. Nur ul Ainnie Kazi, Health Consultant, UNICEF)

Joint EPI/PEI Social Media One Team Approach

(Mr. Fahd Ahmad, Digital Media Head, PEI-NEOC)

EPI PEI Synergy

(Ms. Huma Khawar, CSO Coordinator, FDI)

Role of Journalists in Eradication of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs) inclusive of Polio in Pakistan

(Mr. Zulfiqar Babakhel, Senior Manager Media Affairs, PEI-NEOC)

FDI Providing Monitoring and Evaluation Support to all Provinces

(Mr. Ali Muhammad, M&E Officer, FDI)

FDI Information Resource Centre: Enhancing Stakeholderā€™s Access to Immunization Information

(Mr. Zahid Wasif, Communications Officer, FDI)

The Strategic Role of 1166 Health Helpline in Public Health Emergencies & Programs in Pakistan

(Ms. Huma Shaukat, Manager 1166 Call Center, FDI)

1166 Helpline - Navigating Health Disparities and Inequities during COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

(Dr. Arooj Iftikhar, Public Health Consultant/Supervisor Technical Officers, 1166 Call Center, FDI)

The Role of Religious Leaders in EPI Programme: How the Muslim Scholars are Going an Extra Mile to Promote Immunization and Shaping Opinions by Addressing Misconceptions

(Dr. Tabinda Zaffar, EPI Coordinator, FDI)

Dr. Nazar Sherani, an Immunization Hero & the Pride of Pakistan: A Polio-Affected Medical Officerā€™s Heroic Journey Combating 12 Vaccine Preventable Diseases with a Prime focus on Polio Eradication

(Mr. Ali Muhammad, M&E Officer-FDI; Co-Author: Ms. Nur Ul Ainnie Kazi, Health Consultant-UNICEF)

Dr. Wali Khan EPI Coordinator from Kalash Valley: A Dedicated Healthcare Champion for District Upper Chitral

(Ms. Nur Ul Ainnie Kazi, Health Consultant-UNICEF; Monitor: Mr. Ali Muhammad, M&E Officer-FDI)

Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign 2022: Success & Contributing Factors

(USAID ā€“ JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.)

Educational Institutes Showed Complete Solidarity with the USAID-Supported Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign: A Success Story

(USAID ā€“ JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.)


(Nelima Otipa, Senior Program Manager for Impact, Nexleaf Analytics; Co- Author: Shaji Abbas Malik, Impact Consultant-RTMDs Pakistan)