Our Programmes

Types of Programmes Description
Education Promotion of quality education especially among deprived and destitute girls. This is done through establishing community based primary schools in remote rural areas where no such facility exist, adult literacy classes for rural women, scholarships to poor girls for higher education and training of teachers. Children with disabilities, child labour and out of schools girls are mobilised for mainstreaming in the education system.
Human Rights Sensitization of society where people respect each others rights and responsibilities in an equitable manner. This is done through developing local human rights activists, capacity building of institutions and individuals responsible for ensuring justice in soft skills, awareness raising of communities on human rights and national and international laws and empowerment and inclusion of victims of violence
Health Promotion of good health through community driven stable, cost effective and sustainable approaches such as developing local health personnel in the form of skilled birth attendants, health workers and vaccinators etc.. We educate communities in improving their hygiene practices, accessing certified health practitioners for mother and child health care, increasing immunization coverage for mothers and children and strengthening of existing health care services
Water and Sanitation Promotion of safe water and sanitation practices through installation of safe sanitation system at household and village level and rehabilitation existing drinking water sources for the poor marginalised communities. Our interventions aim to build on indigenous knowledge and local human and physical resources.
Livelihood Promotion of income earning opportunities especially for unemployed low educated and unskilled youth. This is done through promotion of technical and vocational skills and setting up small scale enterprises of village based marketable products. We also extend career counselling for seeking right jobs if desired by our youth members.
Natural Resource Management Conservation of environment through promoting organic farming, better livestock management practices and water conservation etc. Some of the major components are rain water conservation, biogas plants, use of farm yard manure etc.